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Bespoke Option

We recognise that devonOWL can not be "all things, to all men". Given the challenge and time, we are confident that we could replicate more than 50% of all web site styles and layouts currently on the world wide web. Our reasoning behind this claim is that most sites have the same functions, layout and  core progamming code. What distinguishes some sites, from others, is not just the layout. It is the vairety of colour, styles  and even fonts which help to hold the interest of the viewer. 

Unless your business or organisation has just been created and you have absolutely no marketing material, the chances are that you are most likely to want to integrate your current logo, colour (down to correct RGB/pantone) and compliment your site with/to any current published information, using the style from brochures, flyers, business cards etc,. This will give it a truly corporate and  Professional look!

Website styles are subject to their own periods of  'fashions' - which like other fashions 'come and go'.  As internet technologies and browsers change, websites have altered in style. The basic premise of most websites is that they are an on-line brochure and where approriate extend to e-commerce.  All good businesses identify with the need to be up-to-date in highlighting their services and products. To have strong ongoing and up-to-date marketing, you do not need to have a 'large budget'. Using the rafisDESIGN (CMS) Content Management System you can control the input of content of your web site, thus, re-vitalising it  with minor graphic changes and a few alterations to the word content. Then every two to three years you may consider a re-designing the template, to demonstrate that you are an 'in vogue' and a progressive business.

There are limits to 'Bespoke', given the technical aspects of coding. All our sites are speed and cost driven. This is only made possible because the controllong template is feature designed around our 'Admin' control software - our CMS!  The more complexity which is added to the site template, through additional features, the greater the cost in terms of money, this then compromises the speed of access for the viewer. Our designs are efficient and 'cost effective' , eliminating the need for constant liaison with slow databases. You end up with a many  'active' options giving you a crisp and workable website.

BESPOKE sites give greater identity to your business.

Our Bespoke Website Designs are:

  • Designed to meet your needs - you can choose the type of look you want or have our web designers come up with something unique and relevant to your business.
  • Easy to use
  • Coded to the highest standards
  • Easy to navigate and 'pleasing on the eyes' for your viewers.
  • Quick and easy for you to update yourself
  • Supplied with 'Hit Counter'  and visitor information.

Upgrade Path

All of our bespoke websites are designed with future upgrades in mind, whether its just a matter of adding additional page content or enhancing the functionality to include contact forms, guest books, etc,.

We are experienced in providing advanced web applications, either as part of the initial bespoke website or as a subsequent upgrade.

Take Control

All of our bespoke website solutions are supplied with an easy to use CMS (Content Management System), which allows you to update the website’s content yourself, quickly and easily, at any time convenient to you and from anywhere in the world.

SEO Friendly

People looking for the products and services you supply will be searching for a supplier and good visibility in search engines like Google is essential if your business is to be found.

Our bespoke website design service is aimed at creating websites that are search engine friendly and, when combined with our search engine optimisation service, represent a powerful and cost-effective way to market your business online.

Ongoing Support

Our objective is to form a long-term partnership with our clients. To this end we provide a wide-range of website support services including hosting, domain name and email account management, content creation and updates.

A HANDY TIP: Placing a simple image between paragraphs, especially on extensive and wordy pages, allows the visitor to keep their place on the page. it becomes a datum point. Take care that your web page does not become a 'gallery' of a mis-match of pictures.